Clairvision School of Meditation Australia

The Clairvision School is a school of meditation offering weekly classes, weekend workshops and country retreats.

The Clairvision School was founded in Australia in 1987 by Samuel Sagan. His teachings and techniques are now taught throughout Australia and the world, testament to their effectiveness, simplicity and depth. Throughout over 30 years of existence, the school has rarely advertised, growing mostly by word of mouth.

The Clairvision school provides meditation training at the highest level, emphasizing the superiority of first-hand knowledge over belief. The school is about substance and direct experience. It favors depth and integrity over quick fixes and easy solutions. It is designed for people who want to experience levels of consciousness and not just hear the theories.

The methods are straightforward, the first results immediate and tangible. They lead to inner clarity, a growth in self-knowledge and the perception of spiritual realities.

With the emphasis on direct perception, the school is not affiliated with any religion. It is open to people of all backgrounds.

Clairvision has also developed its own style of alternative therapy based around the inner space of meditation: Clairvision Inner Space Techniques (IST).

If you want to learn to meditate, be more or deepen your existing practice into a full spiritual path, the Clairvision School is for you.

News and Announcements

Meditation Courses and Events

Due to COVID-19 we have postponed our December retreats until April 2021. Please see below for more details.

Meditation Courses Retreat Centre Courses Talks & Events
February, 20 - 21, 2021
WORKSHOP: Awakening the Third Eye (SYDNEY)
Apr 09 - Apr 18, 2021
IST 101 (Includes ATE)
Jan 31, 2021
FREE TALK: The Third Eye – A Foundation for Awakening
March 03, 2021
Class Intake (SYDNEY)
Apr 09 - Apr 18, 2021
IST Focus
Feb 03, 2021
FREE TALK: The Third Eye – A Foundation for Awakening

"If you're looking for the most advanced school of meditation
in the western world today, you just found it."

Karen Kingston, author "Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui"