Meditation Retreat Centre

Residential courses are held at the school's beautiful bush retreat centre,
4 hours from Sydney

Set amongst the peaceful surrounds of the Australian bush, four hours from Sydney, our retreat centre offers the chance to meditate and practice IST without the distractions of everyday life. The only noise comes from the wind in the trees, bounding kangaroos and bird calls at twilight.

Retreat Centre

Commencing with the 'Awakening the Third Eye' course, the eight days explore the  Inner Space Interactive Sourcing technique and it's potential for major releases of latent emotional charges and profound spiritual realisations. For many people, this technique can facilitate a whole new start on life. Different retreats are available for those new to  Inner Space Techniques and those more experienced in the Clairvision work.

If you're looking for a powerful way to immediately experience the clarity and depth the Clairvision work brings these eight day retreats are right for you!

Retreat Centre

There is something special to be on land that is only used for spiritual practices. It has a unique feeling you won't find just by being in the bush. The accommodation is basic but the experiences are profound!

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