About the Clairvision School of Meditation

In the mind of many, meditation and relaxation are closely related. To some, meditation is 'just relaxation'. The Clairvision approach to meditation is radically different. For sure, meditation achieves many of the health benefits obtained through relaxation: decreased blood pressure, reduced stress, treatment of insomnia, and so on. However, there is one fundamental difference between meditation and relaxation: meditation has a dynamic component of awakening that is not found in relaxation. Meditation is about overcoming all mental limitations and discovering the giant inside - raising the voltage of consciousness.

In everyone's life there are special moments when, perhaps under the pressure of external circumstances, the mind becomes unusually acute and clear, thoroughly focused, rooted in the here and now. The senses are sharp and precise. In a silent knowing of yourself, you draw from inner resources that are normally out of reach. Suddenly, life has meaning. You are.

Some seek awakening through thrills: skydiving, adventures... But thrills pass, as they are constantly dependent on external stimuli. Meditation is the inward path. It leads to awakening from inside. An awakening that doesn't flicker with external circumstances.

Extreme life, in a continuum of peace that is beyond anything the ordinary mind can comprehend.

Thought processes become fluid, and speed up. The heart flourishes.

A completely new world opens in front of you.

Spiritual knowledge becomes something that permeates your life, turning it into a work of art. Gradually, every facet of your life starts making sense, becoming infused with a superior sense of meaning and purpose.

The Clairvision School offers the techniques and guidance for you to begin this journey, as well as at every step on the way, to the apex of Self-knowledge.

If you are ready to put in the effort, the Clairvision work offers you real keys.

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