Awakening the Third Eye Workshop Skills

Awakening the Third Eye
Vision of the Eye, Vision of the Heart

A list of skills covered during the course

Note: not every point will be covered in all courses. If you are specially interested in a particular aspect of the knowledge, make sure you mention it to the instructor at the beginning of the workshop.

Third eye and vision skills

  • Understanding what the third eye is.
  • Understanding the place of the third eye in the Clairvision work of inner alchemy.
  • Feeling your third eye.
  • Discerning the different modalities experienced in the third eye (vibration and its different forms, light, space, vortices), and understanding what they can be used for.
  • Learning about common experiences taking place when working on third eye and spiritual vision, and how to handle these experiences.
  • How to use the third eye to focus yourself.
  • How to use the third eye to quieten your mind.
  • How to use the third eye to meditate. Learning the Clairvision School's third eye meditation technique.
  • The triple process of vision: how to see an aura, how to cultivate spiritual vision.
  • Peripheral vision and its value in order to cultivate third eye vision.
  • How to make the most out of your daily activities in order to foster the development of your third eye.
  • The course is the opportunity to ask any question you wish about personal experiences you may have had during former third eye work, meditation or psychic experiences. A team of instructors is available to give you personal feedback.

Throat friction

  • Learning how to perform the throat friction technique.
  • How to use the throat friction technique to enhance the perception of your third eye, or of any other chakras or structure of energy.
  • How to use the throat friction technique to enhance the process of vision.

Eye contact, interactive space

  • Understanding the place and value of interactive techniques (techniques practiced in pairs).
  • Learning how to implement the interactive technique of eye contact.
  • Learning how to use eye contact practices for the purpose of opening the third eye and developing spiritual vision.
  • What are common experiences during eye contact, and how to handle them.
  • Split eye contact and how it can be used to detect subpersonalities (characters) in someone, or revealing hidden aspect of their personality.
  • How to use eye contact for the purpose of centering, gaining inspiration, problem solving, fostering creativity.
  • How 'superior stillness' can be used for the purpose of connecting with angels or higher spiritual beings.
  • How to use eye contact to 'recharge' someone who is in shock or in need of healing.

Verticality skills

  • Verticality and column of Spirit: what they are, and their place in the Clairvision work.
  • Learning how verticality and the column of Spirit can be used for controlling headaches.
  • Understanding how the work on verticality can benefit people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Posture skills

  • Understanding the value of correct posture for meditation or interactive techniques.
  • Simple tips on how to improve your sitting meditation posture.
  • Directions on how to cultivate posture: the three postural elements.

Hand fields

  • Learning to establish a field of vibration between your hands, and to strengthen it by using the throat friction.
  • How hand fields can be used for exploring the state of health of various organs and body parts.
  • How to use hand fields on yourself, recharging and nurturing the envelope of the heart after a trauma or in case of extreme fatigue.
  • How to use hand fields to recharge pelvic energies in situations of exhaustion.

Energy management and protection skills

  • Discerning closed and opened states of your energy. Learning to pay attention to these states, and produce them at will.
  • Understanding and perceiving when and why your energy should be closed, or opened.
  • Learning to gather and close your energy for the purpose of protection.
  • How to use the third eye and belly energies for the purpose of grounding.
  • The use of energy for interpersonal skills: matching someone from the heart or belly center.
  • Etheric excretion: how running water can be used to cleanse your energy.

Earth energies and dowsing

  • Understanding what earth lines are, and their effect on physical and emotional health.
  • How to use the third eye to dowse and detect earth lines. How to make simple rods for dowsing. How to locate earth lines without rods.
  • How to judge the degree of toxicity of an earth line.

Night practice, technique of psychic sleep

  • How to use night practice for the purpose of relaxation and fast recuperation.
  • How to facilitate a peaceful transition into sleep at night, and help connect to spiritual spaces during your sleep.